Slava Voynov Plans to Approach District Attorney

On 19th October, Police Arrested Slava Voynov at Providence Little Company in the Mary Medical Center. It was reported that the NHL star took Marta Varlamova, his wife, to the emergency room. However, according to criminal justiceAttorney, details about the incident that took place at the Redondo Beach Home haven’t been released yet.

According to the hospital staff members, it was suspected that Marta Varlamova was the victim of general domestic abuse. The hospital staff also reported that Varlamova summoned the police. It was also reported that officers had earlier responded to a woman screaming and crying on Avenue C. However, they couldn’t locate anyone. After the arrest, Garay Bettman, NHL Commissioner, suspended Slava Voynov from the hockey league.

Slava’s Lawyers About to Approach the District Attorney

The Police Detectives investigating Los Angeles Kings’ Defenseman Slava Voynov’s alleged domestic violence case will meet prosecutors at the DA’s Office soon. The report was released by a Redondo Beach police official. According to Los Angeles defense attorneys, the prosecution has only until 1st December to make a decision about Slava’s case.

The prosecutors need to decide whether Slava will face a basic felony spousal abuse charge or not. According to Lt. Joe Hoffman, Redondo Beach Police, prosecutors will meet with detectives soon to go over Slava’s status report. In the meantime, Slava Voynov was released on bail. The Redondo Beach Police officials have also consulted with prosecutors ever since Slava’s arrest.

Varlamova Didn’t Want Slava Arrested

Meanwhile, Marta Varlamova hired a Los Angeles defense attorney. According to the attorney’s report, Varlamova did not want to prosecute Slava. The defense attorney, Craig Renetzky, called the whole incident an accident. According to Renetzky, Slava Voynov has been waiting for prosecutors to make some sort of a decision.

Renetzky also reports that Slava has been rattled by the entire incident. It’s worth mentioning that Slava Voynov is trying to stay in perfect shape. Moreover, he’s very anxious to get back on the ice, and start playing at his best. In case the DA’s Office rejects a felony charge against Slava, the prosecutors could recommend the case to the Redondo Beach City Prosecutor. They could file a possible misdemeanor charge.

Recently, Voynov’s agent, Rolland Hedges, told the LA Times that he will ask the NHL to lift the suspension. Though the criminal investigation is still going on, the suspension could ruin Slava’s career. On the suspension, Slava is even entitled to a league hearing. However, when it comes to suspension hearings, players need to tell their side of the story. This may not work for Slava. The primary reason is that the criminal investigation is ongoing.

According to Renetzky, the criminal case against Slava is more important than the NHL suspension. In general, a Los Angeles defense attorney won’t permit his client to talk to the Police or any other party. Thus, Slava’s attorney may not want him to talk to the NHL.

According to some sources close to Slava, there is a good chance that the NHL may lift his suspension in the coming days. With his wife already against the prosecution, Slava seems to have a strong case in his favor.

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