Selling Tips in a Slowing Market

In the summer of 2014, many areas of the country are experiencing a cooling housing market.  If you’re looking to sell your house in such a market, here are some tips on how to get buyers interested in your house and get the best price possible. Check out these tips from Heber Real Estate experts.

First and foremost:  Price your house right from the start

Whether you are going to be selling a spectacular luxury home or a small starter home, it is so important to price the home appropriately. Your real estate agent is in the best position to help advise you on where your home should be priced.  It should be priced in line with other comparable homes in the market. It is the market that determines what your home is worth (what a willing and able buyer will pay for it) not what you think it is worth.

Clear out the Clutter

It is a must to remove all clutter from your home before putting it on the market.  Buyers are better able to picture themselves moving into your home if there is no clutter.  Pack away most of your personal items and family photos.  Removing clutter and some of the furniture will help rooms appear larger.  Hiring a home stager is a good idea. Staging usually can make a home more salable and helps homes to sell more quickly. Clear out the clutter to sell your house

Improve Curb Appeal

Sellers often underestimate the importance of curb appeal but buyers do not. The first thing a buyer sees when they pull up to the curb of your house is the outside.  There is a lot you can do to make sure that their first impression is a good one and that they are more likely to come into see the interior of your home.  Simple Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your House

Get Your Home in “Move In” Condition

Buyers are generally looking for a home in move in condition.  Fix those things around your house that you know need to be fixed before putting the home on the market.  Buyers that are willing to spend time and money fixing up a house will expect a discounting price compared to a home that is in move in condition.

Selling a home in a slowing or down market takes a little extra work. Do everything you can to get your home into excellent condition and make sure it is very clean inside and out.  It is quite possible that you may need to make some small concessions for the buyer at closing, such as paying part of the buyer’s closing costs.