The 10 Most Important Steps to Living a Healthy Life in America

Health Epidemic

The United States has the highest obesity rates and obesity related diseases.

It is also one of the few countries which allow ads for fast foods and junk food to air on prime time television.

Is it any wonder, with a fast food chain on every city block, that heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, acne, skin disorders, and other diet related diseases are at the highest rates ever, topping most other countries?

By the way, if you are wondering why does hair turn gray then look no further than your diet and the amount of stress in your life.

Now, is there an answer to prepackaged junk foods and fast food restaurants? Yes there is.

You start by getting more physical activity throughout your day as best you can.

You should strive for 30 minutes of sustained physical exercise which includes stretching, weight training, and cardio.

Then, look for little ways to use more energy throughout the day. This may be taking the stairs, walking during lunch breaks, dancing to music while doing housework, or taking up a sport of hobby.

Finally, strive to eat more home cooked foods with at least 50 percent of what you eat being organic raw fruits and vegetables at every meal. Look for ways to eat less  packaged foods and less from refined food sources, such as refined fats, sugars, starches, and processed foods.

How do we achieve this?

10 Steps to Achieving A healthy lifestyle

1. Create Goals – Write out your health goals and create a vision of the healthy body and lifestyle you want. Create these goals in increments of 6 weeks. Make sure you are specific, that your goals are measurable, your plan is action-based and that you are being realistic.

2. Make a List – Define all the obstacles in your life which are hindering your goals. Determine which can be fixed right now and which are true hurdles which need a plan. Get rid of excuses.

3. Set Up a Plan – Create a plan to reach each of your goals. Make sure that it is doable and covers solutions of overcoming your obstacles. This plan needs to be flexible and succinct.

4. Journal Experiences – keep a journal of what works, what doesn’t, how you feel, what you eat, and even excuses you made. Use it to celebrate, vent, rejoice, and make notations of what helped you reach those steps or goals.

5. Begin with Honesty – Begin your journey with all honesty of where you are now. Accept where you are in your  journey back to health. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to take a step back and make adjustments.

6. One Step at A Time- Don’t get lost in the process of what you are doing. If need be, simply write one single (simple) step down and focus on that. When that is achieved, write down another. Remember to focus on the steps bringing you to well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

7. Remember to Learn – Learn from setbacks, learn from adjustments, learn from failures, learn from what didn’t work. Turn what doesn’t work into what does and use it as momentum to spurn yourself on.

Healthy Foods

8. Declutter your Life – To make achieving healthy lifestyle goals easier, toss out the activities in your life which are not bringing you closer to your goals.

Toss out clothes that make you feel fat, toss out foods which are not part of your plan. Toss out the idea that a treat is a cheat, or a dinner out is a busted goal.

9. Don’t compare Yourself – This is your journey, not your family’s, not the models on TV, not your coworker’s or your best friend’s.

Don’t compare your personal set of circumstance and particular body composition to that of others. Get real about this and celebrate about being healthier, not looking skinnier or competing with others.

10 . Rewards – Revel in the benefits of cheating on your new way of eating and living. Reward yourself when you do achieve your goals with something fun or delicious.

Take A Clue From the Healthy Countries

The trick to a healthier life in America has to do with incorporating healthy habits into our American lifestyles.

This means getting back to our ancestral roots. America is the country that  prepares and cooks the least at home, not to mention is the least healthiest.

We also walk the least out of the countries of the world. Let’s look at other healthier countries and their cultures.

What do they all have in common?

Yes, that’s right, they eat more food at home, they eat more raw fruit and vegetables at home, they eat very little prepackaged food, and they walk almost everywhere.

So our goal here in America is to turn around the current unhealthy American habits we have and start being more like these countries that are by all accounts more healthy than we are.

More Health Issues we Need to Consider

As you well know, water is such an important aspect of our health and we should do everything in our power to drink as much clean water as we can every day.

A friend of mine has a Water Softener Company  who produce water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and water filtration options to improve water quality for general use. So go check out his site to get more details about these water quality products.


In this article we talked about the health issues plaguing the United States and how we can look to other countries for answers to these problem.

In future articles we will be discussing in more depth, things that we as individuals need to do to get and stay healthy.


Best Tonsil Stone Treatments – How To Keep Them Out

1One of the most important internal organs around the throat area of every living person are tonsils. The tonsils are essential because they help stop your body from develop infections by blocking out harmful components. Sometimes the tonsils can become irritated, inflamed, and even swell up.

One of the most common problem people experience with their tonsils are tonsil stones. Tonsil stones are made up of calcium, bacteria, and dead cells that get caught up in the pockets of your tonsils. Even though these stones aren’t life threatening, getting rid of them is necessary in order to live a normal life.

Some of the symptoms you’ll experience that will let you know you have tonsil stones include irritated tonsils, swollen tonsils, sore throat, excessive coughing, ear pain, bad breath, and difficulty swallowing food. The best way to deal with these symptoms is to practice good oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene will make sure that bacteria, dead cells, and other components don’t build up in and around your tonsils.

When it comes to treatment some people decide to visit their ENT doctor. The doctor will determine how severe the stones are and decide if you should have your tonsils surgically removed. The surgery procedure isn’t painful, as you’ll be put to sleep by anesthetics. Once the tonsils are removed there won’t be any place for the bacteria, food particles, and dead cells to develop and accumulate into tonsil stones.

If you don’t have the money for surgery, or you just don’t feel comfortable removing your tonsils for good, then you need decide what other option you would like to make use of. One option is to gargle your mouth with a cup of warm salt water.

All you need is an 8-ounce glass of warm water and mix it with a few tablespoons of salt. Gargle this salt-water mixture a few times daily. Also, you can try gargling your mouth with the salt water after each of your meals to prevent the build up of those unwanted components that get stuck in your mouth.

You can also use nasal spray for removing tonsil stones naturally. Simply apply the nasal spray as the instructions tell you to on the bottle a few days a week. This remedy works because sometimes tonsil stones will develop when sinuses are blocked.

An oral irrigator can be used to help remove the stones from your mouth. If you don’t know what an oral irrigator is, it’s a device that is normally used to clean out the mouth. Set the oral irrigator on the lowest setting and gently spray at the stones at the back of your mouth.

These are some of the most common ways to remove tonsil stones naturally. If you believe you have tonsil stones it’s in your best interest to talk to your doctor first and see what he has to say about your situation.

With whatever treatment you decide to use make sure you stick to it and keep applying it regularly to achieve the best results.

HGH For Sale: What To Look For In The HGH Supplements?

HGH or human growth hormone is produced in anterior pituitary gland in the brain and serves as one of the most secreted hormones.

This hormone influences the cell growth, muscle, bone and brain development.

The GH production is at its peak in adolescence when there is accelerated growth of the body.

Indeed, the hormone not just prevents aging, it even promotes muscle build up, improved memory, increased energy, enhanced sex life and weight loss.

Choosing the right HGH product

There are in fact a number of HGH products available in the markets these days. These supplements and releasers are great when it comes to enjoying health benefits.

By using the natural and all safe products, you can enjoy a large number of benefits including better metabolism, enhanced immunity, permanent weight loss, reduced wrinkles, stronger muscles and bones and a lot more.

When it comes to buying HGH for sale, it is recommended that you get only the tested and reliable products. This way, you can enjoy positive benefits and have a healthier body. The best places to shop for these HGH releasers are your nearest pharmacy or the online stores.

A number of sites are there that offer the facility to buy HGH supplements within a few clicks. You may even have come across one such site. If you are looking forward to buy some HGH product, it is best to check the reliability, authenticity, feedback and company history of the manufacturer. This will help you to get safe product without facing any side effects.

How to buy HGH supplements?

Also, it is a better option to buy the HGH supplements from the manufacturer’s official site only. This will make certain that you get the authentic, quality product at best rates possible. There is even the possibility that you may get amazing deals and discounts when you buy HGH supplements from the official sites.

HGH for sale is a great way through which you can buy the best of growth hormone supplements and that too at best prices possible. Always make sure that you compare the benefits, rates and other features of different HGH products before making the final decision. This will help you to get the best product for your health and body.

How can HGH reviews be of help?

You can even go through the real time customer reviews and testimonials to get a glimpse of what these HGH supplements are, what are their actual benefits and if they are really useful or not. There are many customers who have shared their genuine experiences of using these products and you can read the reviews to buy the best HGH product out there.

So, if you are looking forward to reverse the aging process, wish to have better metabolism, immunity or need to have a perfect figure, opt for the best, most effective and safe HGH supplements only. This will enable you to enjoy a fit, healthy and safe life.

HGH and Lean Muscle-What’s the Relation Between Them?

Building Lean Muscle MassHGH or Human Growth Hormone supplements are one of the most used bodybuilding products.

These supplements are used by bodybuilders and athletes to get a stronger body and increased muscle mass. However due to its extensive use by the bodybuilders there is a common notion among users that these supplements result in increased body weight.

Well, this is a common mistake made by most people.

HGH supplements do not result in fat accumulation or increasing the body weight at all. In fact the use of reliable HGH products helps the body to reduce fat by burning it and get healthier, leaner mass.

Here we are going to provide you the details on how effective HGH supplements result in leaner body mass.

Body Mass and its link with HGH

For you all, it is necessary to understand what does increased body mass mean. Well, the human body can gain weight by two ways- one is through accumulation of fat in the body which is no need to say the unhealthy way.

The second method through which body increases its weight is through mass gain. Mass gain means more production of muscle cells which strengthens the muscles, tendons and joint ligaments altogether.

The use of HGH supplements results in this mass gain which impacts the overall body development and makes it leaner, at the same time increasing the muscle build up.

The intake of effective and safe HGH supplements increases the lean body mass, decreases the recovery time required between workouts and enhances the performance of the body.

With the use of such releasers, there is more cell regeneration in the body which greatly helps in ligament and tissue repair.

This further results in healthy body mass gain, increased endurance, strength, and fat loss from the body.

Benefits of HGH for leaner body mass

The use of natural HGH supplements for a leaner body mass provides the following benefits:

• Increase in overall body mass
• Increased endurance that helps in reducing recover time
• Improvement of overall strength levels
• Stronger ligaments and joints with leaner body mass
• There is improved and rapid repair of damaged tissues
• There is increased protein synthesis which helps in burning fat
• The level of insulin is increased in the body effectively
• There is overall healthier development of the body

The use of HGH supplements is advised for all who want a leaner body mass with improved body strength. People suffering from overweight can also make use of these supplements which will help them to burn the extra fat in their body.

Also, the use of these supplements can provide a lot more benefits It is always advised that you decide the dosage of these supplements on consultation with experts/doctors only.

This will help you in gaining the benefits of these supplements without facing any side effects. People with excessive weight problems should definitely take professional help to make use of these supplements and reduce their weight effectively.

So, what are you thinking about? Get the best supplements around and enjoy leaner muscle mass and fitter body.


Where Can I Find Plastic Surgeons in Savanna Georgia

4436221721_4af7c7bc1eWhere Can I Find Plastic Surgeons in Savanna GA

When you start looking in the mirror after the age of about 40, it’s easy to turn away quickly. Accepting the changes we see in the mirror can be very difficult, especially when we still feel young inside. To make the aging of your complexion more graceful and attractive, you might want to consider a facelift.

What’s Involved?
In its most basic definition, a facelift is the stretching of loose skin to remove wrinkles. However, this defining of an industry that is as much art as it is medical knowledge is a little too limiting. Each face is unique has a different contour. As such, each surgery is slightly different. As a general rule of thumb the surgeon first evaluates the patient’s skin and it’s consistency. He then explains the recommended surgery process.

The Process
During the surgery the doctor will make an incision that begins at the hairline from the temple to the earlobe. Depending on the needs, he could also make a small incision under the chin to tighten the neck area. He proceeds to separate the skin from the fat and muscle, and then he tightens it by folding it and pulling it back over itself. This gives a tightening of the cheeks, giving the jawline a more defined look and firming the neck.

Where Does the Surgery Take Place?
Today, many medical procedures of this type are conducted in the plastic surgeon’s clinic, and in the case of more extensive work, in the hospital. Most patients only require local anesthesia and a sedative.

Where Can I Find Qualified Plastic Surgeons in Savannah GA

1. The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery
5361 Reynolds St.
Savannah GA 31405
Phone: 800-827-6631 | 912-355-8000

2. Savannah Plastic Surgery Assoc
7208 Hodgson Memorial Dr.
Savannah, GA 31406
Phone: 912-351-5050

3. Coastal Empire Plastic Surgery
900 Mohawk St
Savannah, Ga 31419
Phone: 912-920-2090

4. Most Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, PC
5205 Frederick Street, Suite A
Savannah, GA 31405
Phone: 912-335-6629

5. Center for Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery
8 Stephenson Ave, Savannah, GA 31405
Phone: 912-355-1091

6. Perfect Yourself
5361 Reynolds Street
Savannah, GA 31405
Phone: 800-930-5801

If you are in need of more information about Rhino Surgery or Plastic Surgeons in Savanna Ga, you can do that at  so be sure to go check them out!

You Are What You Eat – Why Food Journaling Can Make a Difference in Your Health!

Expert Author Ann Corwin Marix The reaction clients have to keeping a food journal is comparative to someone forcing a person to watch every episode of “Barney and Friends” with 20 preschoolers hopped up on pixie sticks and sodas… not a fun experience (don’t ask me how I know!)

Food journaling is a major player in the quest for health and fitness. We can’t out exercise good nutrition so we need to partner them for success. If you need some good reasons to start writing, here they are:


Keeping a daily journal will increase your chances of losing more weight. When you journal, you become very much aware of what you are putting into your mouth. Most people do not realize what or how much they are eating until they see it written in black and white. You become more mindful of what you are eating instead of thinking a few bites here and a few bites there won’t add too much.


Writing down your daily intake will help you understand calories, proteins, carbohydrate intake and more. You will also learn how your body reacts to the intake of certain foods and food combinations.


Knowing you have to write down your foods can make you start rethinking your choices. Seeing more healthy choices in print boosts your determination to continue and encourages you to keep on the right track. If journaling can make you even 25% less likely to eat processed or fast foods, then it’s definitely worth the pen and paper!


As you journal, you may begin to notice you are taking in too few or too many calories. Perhaps not getting enough proteins or overdoing the wrong carbs can easily show up when laid out before you. From there you can determine the best placement of food and food combinations to provide more energy during workouts, or keep you from hitting the 2pm wall of woozie. What you think is a good eating plan could very well become a great one just by making some simple adjustments.

So the next time a trainer asks you to journal, don’t think of it as your High School Social Studies teacher demanding a 500 word essay on the Cold War… consider it as an essential tool in improving your ability to reach the health and wellness goals you are working toward!

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Natural Cystic Acne Remedies You Can Use to Help Solve Your Acne Problem

2400228567_3b1c64935f_oAre you looking for ways to treat your cystic acne problem safely and inexpensively? There are many home remedies you can use. Medication is often needed for severe acne, but for mild to moderate cases of cystic acne, using everyday things found in the kitchen can help.

In some cases, you may have to take a trip to your local health food store or order something online. Today we’ll discuss a few acne home treatments that have proven to be effective.

If, after reading this article you should still have some questions, you might take a peek at the Canadian Agility Team’s website where they go into great detail about how to get rid of cystic acne.

Did you know that Vitamin E can help treat acne? There are many reasons why Vitamin E is an essential vitamin, but it becomes an even more important nutrient for people who have acne.

Vitamin E can be used both internally and externally to help you improve the condition of your skin.

If you’re already taking a multivitamin, you can add a Vitamin E supplement to that. Aside from this, you can find Vitamin E soaps, creams and gels that can be applied to your face.

You can also try using facial cleansers that have Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a nutrient that can help you fight acne.

A variety of ailments can be treated by garlic, a widely used home remedy.

For acne, garlic can be directly applied to the skin. Garlic is a natural anti-bacterial agent. With either a mortar and pestle or a food grinder, mash up some garlic.

It can then be applied directly to the affected area and left on for a few minutes. Garlic has a strong odor, though, so you should thoroughly wash it off afterwards . When you wash your face, though, don’t scrub too hard as this can irritate already inflamed skin.

There are some remedies for acne that call for ingredients you’d already have in your pantry. One of those is eggs. If you want to use eggs to treat acne, the egg white is the one you’ll want to use. Eggs are nutritious and when applied onto the skin, egg whites are natural skin purifiers and cleanser.

Although eggs are used in a variety of facial masks, you can simply apply egg whites on areas of your face that have acne or scars. Any acne scarring will disappear and future breakout of acne will be prevented.

Natural and home remedies for treating acne have been used by people for many, many years. There isn’t a single remedy that will work for everyone. It’s because there are many causes of acne and it can vary in severity.

However, the home remedies we’ve reviewed in this article have all worked very well for many people over the years. What’s great about them is they don’t require you to spend a lot of money or invest a lot of time making them or using them.

The Best Natural Ways To Get Rid of Cellulite

sdtgdCellulite is a common problem that develops when fat accumulates in between the layers of connective tissue and rises up against the skin.

This problem usually shows up on the buttocks, thighs, and the stomach area, but it can really develop anywhere.

The most common causes are hormones, genetics, eating the wrong foods, and not being active enough.

Even though men can develop this unsightly condition it’s mostly women who experience it.

Cosmetic surgery is the most expensive way to get rid of cellulite but there are other things you can do too.


The type of foods you eat regularly can either have a negative impact or a positive effect on your skin. Diets that usually lead to cellulite development include unhealthy fats that causes the cellulite to develop quickly and become more noticeable.

Adding nutritious foods to your daily diet is one of the best ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Add more minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to your daily diet in order to not only remove cellulite, but also make your skin look smoother and healthier too.


The best exercises to get rid of cellulite are the ones that tone the muscles. When you tone up your muscles the skin will become tighter and the flabby skin that makes cellulite look even worse will be removed.

It doesn’t matter what you do to get rid of cellulite, if you don’t exercise the cellulite will return quickly.


You can massage away your cellulite by rubbing on the affected area gently in a circular motion. Massage techniques will repair the lymphatic drainage system of your body and increase blood flow so that the affected area will effectively remove the cellulite.

Massaging the affected area will also flush out he toxins and other things that are causing the cellulite to appear. Slowly rub down the affected area daily in a circular motion to get the blood flowing. It’s a good idea to also add a little essential oil like coconut oil to the affected area before you start massaging it.


Some women have reported that they’ve had great success with using creams to get rid of cellulite. These creams have certain ingredients in it that are designed to help reduce the appearance of your cellulite. Once you apply the cream it will get absorbed by the body and start working to eliminate the cellulite.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the keys to getting rid of cellulite without surgery. The more water you drink the more effectively your body will flush out the toxins known to cause this problem. Stay away from soft drinks and other types of drinks like coffee. Instead of coffee you should drink some herbal tea.

Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements contain Omega 3 fatty acids that are great for removing cellulite. Take 1000mg of fish oil capsules daily to stop this problem.

Body Wraps

Using body wraps are great because they help reduce cellulite by sweating away the toxins. Apply an essential oil like coconut oil on the affected area and then cover it up with the body wrap. If you don’t have a body wrap you can use saran wrap to cover the affected area for about 30 minutes. This will suffocate the cellulite until it is removed.


You can use a soft shower brush to brush the affected area a few times each day. This natural method for getting rid of cellulite will work just like the massage technique, as it will remove the cellulite by improving blood circulation to the affected area and flushing out toxins.

3 Natural Wart Removal Methods That Work

670px-Remove-a-Wart-With-Duct-Tape-Step-3Warts are known as small tumors that grow on the surface of the skin.

These warts will grow in different sizes and shapes, and they usually show up on the face, feet, genital area, and other areas on the body.

Even though these skin growths aren’t life threatening, a lot of people want to know the best wart removal method to get rid of them because they look ugly.

The cause of warts is HPV, which is a virus that will contaminate the skin. When your immune system gets weakened is when this virus attacks the body. The good news is there are a number of natural wart removal methods to treat this problem. The only way these natural methods won’t be effective is if the wart you have is a severe one. Before using any natural remedy it’s in your best interest to talk to your health care provider first.
Duct Tape

One of the best home remedies for these warts is duct tape. Using duct tape is an effective way to get rid of warts because suffocates the warts until they eventually fall off.

To perform this natural removal procedure you will need to clean off the affected area first. Use some antibacterial soap to clean off the warts before you apply the duct tape on them.

Cut a piece of duct tape that’s large enough for you to cover up your warts and then seal the edges so no air can get in it. Keep the duct tape on for at least a week before you remove it. If the tape falls off then cut another piece and apply it to the affected area.

If you can’t keep the tape on for that long then another thing you can do is apply the tape each night and then when you get up in the morning remove it. Keep repeating this tape removal method for a few months until the warts are gone.

Keep in mind that this wart removal method won’t give you fast results, and you will need to be patient with it. To really achieve success with this method you need to make sure no oxygen at all gets inside the duct tape.

Vitamin A Capsule

Another thing you can do to naturally remove your warts is to apply some vitamin A on it each day. Simply head to the drug store and buy some vitamin A capsules that have fish oil in it.

Cut open the capsule and apply the contents inside the capsule on the affected area. Make sure you rub it in so that the affected area really soaks up the capsule’s liquid.
Some people have also had success with removing their warts naturally by applying a raw potato on it. Simply rub the potato flesh on the affected area a few times daily for at least a month and you should start seeing some positive results.

Tea Tree Oil Solution

If you’ve got plantar warts you can place your feet in a warm water and tea tree oil solution to remove the warts on your feet. The warm water will soften up the warts while the tea tree oil’s properties will help to heal the affected area. When you take your feet out the warm water you can just scrub off the warts using a pumice stone.

Nutrition and Your Mental Health

Natalie explains why bad nutrition will affect you mental health.

Watch the video learn more about the connection of nutrition and mental health.